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Ecuador Dark Roast

A very nice and clean Ecuador coffee. For a Pacamara, the sweeter edge is there but the earthy contrast is almost non-existent, a hint of very light roasts. Gets very thick and creamy with dark chocolaty and nutty tones along with roasty notes when into 2nd crack, which is right where we take it.


Las Tolas Estate is located on the outskirts of Tulipe de Pichincha, outside of the traditional coffee growing areas but in a spot that is perfect for the trees. Very high altitude (5000+ Ft) with less cloud cover than most areas around it.

Owned and run by Arnaud Causse who has coffee is his blood. Originally from France, in his late teens he went to work on a  Robusta farm in Gabon (Africa), has worked in coffee ever since bopping around in Africa and Central America until finally settling into a beautiful area of Ecuador.

This Pacamara is unscreened and not just huge beans. You will see some large and some smaller beans. Although most of the Pacamara we see is just the large screen, the plant itself will have large and small beans.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Ground, Whole Bean, Coarse, Fine


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