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Peru Dark Roast

A lovely, very clean tasting Peru, good from light to dark. These beans have more of a limey acidity versus the traditionally lemon like acidity, a cool unique spin. Nutty and chocolaty tones comingle with just a hint of that lime like crispness, quite tasty and differentiates itself from other South American cups. A little hint of a red fruit tone can be found as the cup cools. Dark roasts are nice as well but much rougher, kicks the delicate smooth tones out of the cup for pretty potent semi-sweet chocolaty tones.


Not very often do we see single farm Peru coffees. The bulk of Peru coffee is co-op production, which helps the small holders by providing knowledge and milling services so they can cater to the international market (which is good) but loses transparency and doesn’t allow for a specific operation that excels to be singled out or a sturdy relationship to be built.  The single farm model we always think is best, they tend to treat the workers better, while allowing for full transparency.

Certified up the wazoo, this super fresh top lot is from producer Amado Aniceto Linares Zeballosamado of Finca La Lima located in the Yamon district of Peru’s Utcubamba region.

This coffee was grown at heights reaching 6000 feet! Amado grows the arabica varietals of Catimor, Caturra, and Pache.

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